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Bust Through That Plateau!

Having trouble seeing new gains at the gym? You may have hit a plateau. But hope is not lost yet, because you can bust through that plateau with a little help. Have you been slugging it out in the gym for months on end? Perhaps at first you were feeling[…]

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Five Ways to Make Your Push Up More Productive

The pushup is one of the most basic and effective upper body exercises. Although it’s a fairly simple exercise, most people make a lot of mistakes. These five tips turn the standard push up from a chest/shoulders/triceps move into a full body exercise which means more muscle, increased strength and[…]

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How to Lose Weight As Fast As Possible

Rule No. 1 Don’t try to lose weight fast, without first checking with your doctor. Rule No. 2 Don’t waste your precious time trying to achieve the impossible! The speed at which you lose weight (without regaining it) is dependant on various factors. Including : your present weight. Your general[…]

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